Suggested Dose: 15mg-25mgTake one tablet daily. Antioxidant, aids in wound and burn healing, supports normal fetal growth and development, helps synthesize DNA and RNA, promotes normal cellular functioning, strengthens immune system, aids in regulating blood sugar. Used in treatment of prostate disorders. Topical application for wounds and skin irritations. Proper growth and function of reproductive […]

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Suggested Dose: 100-200 mcg Aids mineralization of bones and teeth. Anticarcinogenic properties. Inhibits cholesterol formation in the blood and nervous system. Improves the action of insulin by controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics – makes insulin work more efficiently. Aids cellular metabolism. Prevention of cardiovascular disease. Involved in growth and reproduction. Stimulates cell division. Possibly

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Suggested Dose: 200 – 400 mcg.Take one tablet daily. Antioxidant, especially when used with Vitamin E. Strengthens immune system, promotes normal growth and development. Major studies in cancer treatment. Preserves elasticity of tissue, normal body growth and hair growth, production of prostaglandin substances that effect blood pressure, fertility, and metabolism.

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Suggested Dose: 50mg per day. An electrolyte responsible for aced/base balance. Promotes regular heartbeat, normal muscle contraction, regulates water balance, essential for proper muscle function, helps regulate water/fluid balance, stimulates kidney to remove body waste, cell metabolism, heart rhythm, growth, protein and glucose absorption.

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Suggested Dose: 5 -10 mg a day. Antioxidant, assists with managing blood glucose levels, helps to lower triglycerides, strengthens arterial tissues, and stabilizes LDL’s. Vital part of glucosamine, therefore useful in treatment of arthritis. Helps to maintain sex hormone, protein, fat and carbohydrate productions. Formation of blood cells, activates numerous enzymes, bones and tissue growth,

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