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Vision Chewables for Children 90 tablets


In an era where kids are glued to digital screens, kids are more susceptible to eye strain than times like 50 years ago. Kidzvita Vision Chewables is clinically proven to improve vision, reduce eye strain and assist in naturally filtering of harmful lights from digital screens like tablets, TV, computers or phones. It is crucial to supplement vitamin A and beta-carotene at ages 4-18, as this is the prime time for healthy growth and development. These 2 nutrients have many added benefits aside from eye health. Beta-carotene naturally increases cognitive function while vitamin A contributes to sebum production, the oil that helps maintain and promote skin and hair. Vitamin A also helps produce white blood cells, reinforcing immune function.

We understand that as parents, we need to be cautious when we give our children any supplements to take. With our Kidzvita Vision Chewables, we promise that there is no sugar added or agents that could cause sensitivities such as wheat, soy, gluten, and yeast. With Kidzvita, you could let go of that worry – every tablet is enriched with mouth-watering milk flavour, aromatic yet is widely favoured among kids. Gone are the days of struggling to get your kids to take their daily vitamins. This tasty treat makes it easy for kids to take.

Ingredients: Vitamin A (Vitamin A palmitate) 604mcg RAE (2000IU), Beta-carotene 800mcg (1333IU)

Suitable for children from 4 to 18 years old


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